Nice Truck! I am really pleased with the convenience and relative ease of scheduling/your availability for my cases...Really a great value all around!

Annonymous Veterinarian

https://mobilepetimaging.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/cabarello.jpg My name is Dr. Ricardo Caballero, DVM and I am the owner of Sunset Pet Hospital Inc. We have been doing business with Mobile Pet Imaging for almost 2 years and we are very happy with the services that we have received from Dr. Armstrong and his staff. He is very professional, knowledgeable and always willing to answer questions regarding the cases referred to him. The availability of Dr. Armstrong's mobile CT has offered us the opportunity to further diagnose our patients without having the need to refer them out to a specialist. Therefore, our patients are not having to wait to be seen by another specialist at a later date but can easily be seen at our location with their regular veterinarian present to discuss the result of the CT scans.

Dr. Ricardo Caballero, DVM Sunset Pet Hospital, Inc.

Very professional, knowledgeable & trustworthy.

Dr. Bill Sharpe Healing Arts Veterinary Center, West Palm Beach

Quincy and I had a very nice experience with Mobile Pet Imaging. Thanks again!

J. T. Veterinary Technician

https://mobilepetimaging.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/marialopez.jpg Our clients trust and appreciate the comfort and convenience of coming to our clinic. Mobile Pet Imaging allows us to extend our services while continuing to provide the same quality of care they are used to.

Maria Lopez – Practice Manager Silver Bluff Animal Clinic

The experience I had with Mobile Pet Imaging was excellent. My beautiful "Aya" needed a CT scan and it was very informative. It helped my veterinarian, Dr. Delgado at Animal Eye Guys, with the planning for Aya's surgery. It was more than what I expected. The CT team was very attentive and dedicated which I was very happy about. I am so thankful to Mobile Pet Imaging for making it a smooth and fast process. I highly recommend using this company for any CT scans.

America Saez Cutler Bay